Beautiful invention, essential.

We can get lost.

In her vanity, to boast of her own beauty.

Or self-criticize, self-flog, see only flaws.

But if you can watch.

In the mirror, you look at your own gaze.

And we see, we understand,

What we were looking for in others,

For so long,

It is found there, in itself.

Love, the true One.

Love each other, with kindness, with humility.

Many emotions in this realization.

You have beautiful eyes, you know ?!

And you want to do so many things.

And I don’t know. If I will get there.

But to find out, you have to do it.

Unambiguous paradox.

You ask me to come out of decades of isolation,

Where I hide, shut up.

You want to express yourself, be in the world, exist, show yourself, dare, be strong, beautiful

like a flower, pure like a heart,

Loving and loved.

You want to shine.

Get on stage, sing, dance, play, have fun together.

A global connection of enchanted Love.

You want to heal yourself and help heal the world.

All this, under the supervision of the Universe, in Love.

You want to serve it, always.

And I have to overcome my fears of failing, of being wrong, of showing off.

Fear of being rejected, criticized, mistaken.

Fear of being afraid, infernal spiral,

To be hurt, to be ashamed, to feel guilty.

All these monsters you ask me to face,

By accepting them, embracing and moving forward.

And I want to do it for you because I love you.

You are my Heart.

You deserve it. Happiness.

Yes, you deserve to be in the world, you deserve your place.

And you have the right to be wrong.

The very privilege. Because it means you did, act.

Know and remember that I will always give you another chance.

Until she smiles at you.

Like your smile.

You, my beautiful baby, strong, courageous, sensitive, loving, caring, touched, moved.

You who cried a lot.

You who got up.

I wish you to live your blessed life.

To live: to love and to be loved.

You who are strong, in your weaknesses.

Thank you my God(dess) for your protection-blessing.


(Written in the early 2019)

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